‘Lu’(Top Left), ‘Tao’(Top Right), ‘Zi Ran’(Bottom Left) and ‘Li’ (Bottom Right) are key concepts of Taoism.

When I see characters, I always see them as certain colors in my minds eye. The four words are drawn as I see them whenever I see them in writing. ‘Tao’ -> Tao started out as a project for me to better my understanding of the rules behind the colors I see.

Tao that can be named is not Tao. Essentially the character Tao or the drawing of Tao by Taoist definition is not Tao. Then has the character Tao lost its meaning?

Tao the character as used by LaoZi is a pointer to something that is beyond language, outside the logic that is implied by it. If the character is a pointer to this meta concept and the painting in this work references the pointer, then what does the relationship between these two speak about the relationship between the character ‘Tao’ and Tao?