Mourning Paradise – Concept Development


I found the common theme of my recurring dreams to be ‘Boarding School’.

Young children who just became able to manage their bodily functions are taken from the arms of the mothers and fathers and into a strict institution which does not conform to the child’s need but conversely requires the child to conform to them. In conforming to the institution where its stringent rules are incomprehensible, the children hide a part of themselves, their innocent selves away from themselves, smother them, and acquire a tough persona that allows them to survive.

Yet a lot of these pains are concealed from them by the mask of privilege. It costs the parents a significant amount of money to send the child to a boarding school and neither parents nor teachers allow the child to forget that. To the child it is without question that the boarding school is not the problem.

‘Mourning Paradise — Concept Development’ is a blueprint for ‘Mourning Paradise’.