In order to incorporate figures into the generative drawings, I decided to experiment with edge figures extracted from images. To do this, I convoluted a sober kernel with a test image of a vase I found online. Then direction of the edges were calculated per pixel.


The brushes when at a nontrivial value of edge, turn towards the direction of the vase edge. My intension was to trace the brushes along the edge to form a figure.


We can see a hint of the original vase in the picture. This is due to change of direction when the brushes pass the vase edge. However, the brushes are not tracing the edges. Perhaps I can make the turn more drastic.

Another thing that I can perhaps do is to define another state of movement for when the brush is entering the edge almost perpendicularly. This way we may be able to prevent the change in direction but not quite tracing along the edge, just like how the brushes traced along the bottom of the vase nicely.

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