石 (Rock), 财 (Wealth), 壶 (Kettle), 笔 (Writing brush), 松 (Pine) | 2019

Video, custom software

(Rock), (Wealth), (Kettle), (Writing brush), (Pine) is a video installation that references the tradition of East Asian ‘still life’ paintings. Five categories of objects and plants with symbolic significance in East Asian culture were depicted in the work. To create the video, thousands of photographs of the five objects and plants were taken. Those images were processed and trained on with an image classification neural network (VGGNet60). The resulting small images were combined through enlarging and blending to form a higher resolution image. The larger images are then recolored through Pix2pix, a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). Finally, the recolored images were interpolated between frames to form the video.

More about this work in thesis writing (58.5Mb).

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